3 Steps to increase theme speed

1 - Disable Autoplay

This function will automatically run products or images at preset time. By such pre-set, the store will look more professional and look more vivid in the eyes of customers.

However, you can also turn them off to avoid them slowing down your store. Usually this section will be available only on the Home page.

2 - Integrate too many apps

When you integrate too many apps into each other, it will lead to app conflicts, causing the system to run slowly. We have been trying to work with all 3rd party apps optimized for our themes like Avada SEO, Layouthub, ... Besides, we also create useful backend Apps for Our themes: Fontify, Toolkit, ... We strongly recommend using the apps we have collaborated with to improve system speed.

3 - Compress Media File(image, video,...) before upload

This is extremely important when you reduce the page load capacity, the faster the page will load. Photos and videos will take up a large part of the system capacity and it will largely determine the page load speed. You can use some online image compression websites like https://compresspng.com/ or some others. In fact, compressing photos and videos does not lose too much image and video, so you do not need to worry too much about the problem of unclear photos or videos making customers lose confidence in the product.

Above are some explanations we can help you to improve the speed of your theme. However, you should weigh between functionality and page speed. You will only be able to choose 1 of 2. We hope you will optimize your store and be successful. If you need any help please contact us.