Easy metafield editor

1 - We understand you pain

As you know, with Kalles or Gecko or any theme from The4, we support the use of metafield for some special features. For example, if you want a different size chart for different products, so you have to install the Metafield application and configure it like this Or if you want to have different countdowns for different products, so you have to configure like this
So using the Metafield application excessively is a good way but it takes a lot of time to install the application, go to the application and search for the product and start configuring. Understanding this pain, we have developed a new feature to allow you to configure Metafield data much faster.

2 - Preview a new awesome feature

In Kalles 1.3, you can config Metafield data by entering a direct value to a Metafield page, like this
So all things you have to do is search for a product which you want to config a Metafield and fill the data to the Metafield you want to use.

3 - Detail guide

3.1 - Active metafield

To active use new Metafield, you have to enable this option
You will see this button in the Customize screen
Now you can click to this button to see a Metafield screen manage
In the config screen, you will see it look like this
In this screenshot, you can search the product you want to config
Each product you will see some fields to config, there are all Metafield supported by Kalles (you can follow an old article for Metafield here )

3.2 - Short description

Enter Short description for a product you want to show and it will show like this
Now, in this product, it showing a new short description
Actually, it will same as this action in old Metafield way:

3.3 - Size guide page

You can follow the old Metafield method here to understand how it config in the past.
In the new Metafield, you can choose a size guide page for each product.
You can create more Size Guide page by go to section Create List Page
So now you can see these page here
If Size chart still not showing, please check the config in the product page by using Size chart HTML
Now you can see the new Size chart is showing

3.4 - Size guide image

You have to config to use Size guide image first
After that, please config size guide image by upload to section
You have to upload all Size chart image to this section (in the screenshot, I am using the fashion image for demo purpose, actually it should be a size chart image)
You can preview all size chart images here
To config, please change in 3. Size guide image

3.5 - Countdown

In the new Metafield method, you can easier to config a countdown time by pick the date, time data instead enter the data. We believe it much better and easier to config countdown. In old method, our lovely customers always make a wrong config by entering the time data.
You can follow the old Metafield guide for a countdown here

3.6 - External / Affiliate

3.7 - Custom Tab

Please follow the instruction below

3.9 - Apply new data for selected products

You can select the products you want to config Metafield by clicking to the checkbox at very top right
If you check to "Override this field data for all products", it will update your data, that means all products you have chosen will use new data.
If you leave it blank, so the products which already have config Metafield before won't apply a new data, the old data still showing.

3.10 - Apply data for all products

In default, Kalles already support config data for all products, you can check this guide

3.11 - Delivery time

Usually, the expected delivery and receipt time will be obtained here.
However, if you configure here then all the products run according to the delivery time you set up (above image). For each product with different delivery times, you will go to the metafield editor (picture below).
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