1 - Blog/Description Lookbook

Do you want your website to look like this?


Please follow the instructions below.

1.1 - Step 01

Go to Sections and find Lookbook Section you create before you wanna show on blog posts, product page, pages as shortcode.

If you dont create lookbook section before. please refer here: https://gecko5-docs.the4.co/sections/lookbook

1.2 - Step 02

Go in lookbook section > Find this part

  • Hidden Section

Hidden section on home page, but still visible on blog posts, product page, pages as shortcode.

This section is really important for you if you wanna show lookbook on blog post, product page, pages as shortcode, and you dont wanna show it on homepage. So please turn on this section.

  • Show copy shortcode:

Lets turn on this section and copy shortcode of this lookbook section.

1.3 - Step 03

With Blog: Admin > Blog post > Choose blog

With Description: Admin > Product > Description

1.4 - Step 04

Paste shortcode into place you wanna show > save