Collection page (Sections)

You can go to Collection Page > Sections > Collection Page

1 - General Settings

  • Products per page: Number of products per page

  • Space between products

  • Pagination: You can choose the Default, Load more button, Infinite Scrolling

  • Show progress bar?: Only active when you use 'Load more' or 'Infinite scrolling'

  • Products per row (desktop, table. mobile)

  • Design product

  • Show product vendors

2 - Cons 'Load more', 'Infinit scrolling'

Page-loading speed is everything for good user experience. Multiple researches have shown that slow load times result in people leaving your site or delete your app which result in low conversion rates. And that’s bad news for those who use an infinite-scrolling. The more users scroll down a page, more content has to load on the same page. As a result, the page performance will increasingly slow down.

Another problem is limited resources of the user’s device. On many infinite scrolling sites, especially those with many images, devices with limited resources (such as mobile devices or tablets with dated hardware) can start slowing down because of the sheer number of assets it has loaded.

Therefore, we recommend that you only use 'Load more', 'Infinite scrolling' for when your collection is less than or equal to 400 products

3 - Countdown timer

Countdown to the end sale date will be shown. Be sure you have set final date of the product sale price. "product.metafields.meta.countdown" (Time in the future).


3 - Design image

You can set the same height for all the image products.

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