General settings

1 - Meta KeyWords For HomePage( SEO)

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2 - Shop Settings

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2.1 - Enable RTL mode

Tick on the "Use RTL" checkbox to enable RTL mode.

2.2 - Show Back To Top

+ Desktop:
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+ Both on Mobile & Desktop

2.3 - Enable Catalog mode

You can hide all 'Add to art' buttons. This will allow you to showcase your products as an online catalog without ability to make a purchase.
  • When do not enable option:

3 - Shop Sections Settings

3.1 - Enable Sticky Toolbar Mobile

Go to Sections > Sticky Toolbar Mobile
3.1.1 - Setting
  • Show text under icons

3.1.2 - Content

Click to "Add content" > Choose the contents which you want to show on sticky

3.2 - Enable Newsletter Popup

Go to Sections -> Newsletter popup

3.2.1 - Settings

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  • Layout design
+ Design 1:
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+ Design 2:
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3.2.3 - Shop page to display
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3.2.4 - Show popup after settings
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3.2.5 Content
  • Image
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  • Content
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3.3 - Enable Exit Product popup?

Enable an exit popup if user attempts to navigate away from current page as a means of influencing user action on store.
Note: It only visible on Desktop
Go to Sections > Exit Product Popup

3.3.1- Title settings

  • Heading:
  • Sub heading:
  • Sub Text use font:
Body font
Sub title font
  • Design title (13 designs)
Design 1
Design 2
Design 3
Design 4
Design 5
Design 6
Design 7
Design 8
Design 9
Design 10
Design 11
Design 12
Desing 13

3.3.2 - General Settings

  • Collection: Choose collection to show product
  • Product per page/product per row:
  • Design product (3 options)
Design 1
Design 1 center
Design 2

3.3.3 - Countdown Timer

3.3.4 - Slider Settings
Use loop: At the end of cells, wrap-around to the other end for infinite scrolling.
Auto play speed in second: Product will changr in x second.
Pause autoplay on hover: Auto-playing will pause when the user hovers over the carousel.
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3.3.5 - Prev next button, page do settings

  • Enable prev and next button:
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  • Page dot:

3.3.6 - Design Image

  • Use equal height image?
  • Image position (10 option): The first value is the horizontal position and the second value is the vertical.

3.3.7 - Select Page to Display

There are 6 page to display: Homepage, product single, collection page, article page, blog page, cart page.
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3.3.8 - Show popup after setting

If customer close the popup, next show will be after 'n' days. It depends on cookies
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You can go to Sections > Cookie Law Info
Under EU privacy regulations, websites must make it clear to visitors what information about them is being stored. This specifically includes cookies. Turn on this option and user will see info box at the bottom of the page that your web-site is using cookies.
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3.5 - Enable Age Verification Popup?

You can go to Sections > Age Verification Popup
+ If you sell products such as wine, cigarettes, or dangerous goods, then you might want to discourage visitors under a certain age from browsing your website.
+ You can do this by adding an age selection form to your storefront. Keep in mind that age verification is not the best way to prevent visitors from browsing your website, as there's nothing preventing them from lying about their age. It might even be a nuisance to regular visitors, who will have to make an additional click to access your store.
  • Setting
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3.6 - Enable Sales Popup?

You can go Sections > Sales Popup

3.6.1 - Settings

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3.6.2 - Select page to display

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3.6.6 - General settings

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3.6.7 - Theme settings

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3.7 - Enable Sales Popup on mobile?

4 - Email Marketing Settings

4.1 - Email Marketing:

In fact, the theme just support integrate these email marketing:

4.1.1 - Omisend app

4.1.2 - klaviyo app

You can go this link to get the ID: Get ID Then, paste it to "Klaviyo list ID" box

4.1.3 - MailChimp

You can get the MailChimp in here: MailChimp then paste it to "MailChimp form action URL" box.

4.1.4 - Default

When choose this option, the email of customer will be added on Customers when they input email on the website
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4.2 - Agree Checkbox

You can enable "Use 'Agree to terms and conditions' checkbox?" option, then add the page you want to show on "Terms and conditions page:"

5 - Wishlist Settings

  • Disable: You can choose this option if you want to use the Wishlist
  • Wishlist local: It built-in theme. So you just need to choose this option without do any thing, Wishlist will work on your store.
  • Wishlist Account (Nitro Wishlist App): You can go this link to install "Wishlist App"
If you wanna know more detals, please click here

6 - Reviews Settings

Before using this section you have install app Choose 1 of them.
You can go these link to install apps:

7 - Label Settings

  • Sale label: It shows when the product added "Price" and "Price at compare"
  • Sold out label: It shows when the quantity product is 0
  • New label: It show with products added in the past x days:

8 - Aspect Ratio Custom Settings

  • You can add the image on this option, then you can set that size for the image you want on Design Image
  • When you upload image on Ratio Custom, all the images will follow the size as the ratio.

9 - Admin Tools Settings & Admin Tools Import Tag

9.1 - Admin tools settings

Only working in admin panel. You can disable if you not use to help your Customize admin page load faster.
You can check this guiding to know more about config it: Auto Tag

9.2 - Admin tools import tag

According to the Pricing on Products, you can set the different price ranges.
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You can set it as : "$7-$50, $50-$150, $150-$500"
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After add the tag on 'Price list for filter' > you need to click to 'Save' > The tag will auto add on 'TAGS' of products have the price corresponding.
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Besides, you can search the product by Tag as this
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Hope you success!!