Logo Header

1 - Logo

1.1 - Logo SVG

You can go to Files > Upload the image, then copy the name image & paste it to Logo SVG box
After importing the demo you should delete svg logo because there is no svg demo logo file in the store file. Also if you want to use image as logo you have to leave svg logo blank.

1.2 - Logo (required)

If you do not add logo to your store, it will be like this

1.3 - Logo retina (option)

Note: You just show one of them, cannot show all.

2 - Logo Sticky

When scroll down theme, it'll show.

3 - Logo Mobile

4 - Logo Transparent

Note: Logo Transparent only active when you enable header transparent, only show on homepage
You can go to Theme settings > Header > Header Layout > Tick on "Header transparent?"
So what is Header transparent? Header transparent is a tool to help the header on the background of the content instead of having to spend a space dedicated to the header.
From The4
Hope you success!!