Custom variant color

1 - Go to Collection pages > Theme settings > Product item settings

  • Go to 'product item color settings' part

1.1 - Show color

1.2 - Show type

  • All color: your product has any colors it will be show all colors
  • Only colors available: Only show variant not out of stock

1.3 - Swatch layout settings

1.4 - Swatch size for Design variants with color

1.5 - Swatch Style

2 - Go to Sections > Swatch, Label submenu

Set name the color and select the color code you want to customize.

2.1 - Color name

2.2 - Select color

  • For simple color: you can choose 1 or 2 color (pink, white, gray, black...)
  • For complex color: you can upload image and do not select color. (remember enable 'color image')
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Hopr you success!!